Do you achieve great open rates on your email marketing campaigns but not-so-great click-through rates? How can you improve click-through rates on your next campaign? What you need is to highlight with great design your value proposition to encourage your readers to take action.

What is a value proposition?

A value proposition is a short statement that explains the benefits that your product/service provides to customers, especially by being different to or better than a competitor's products/services. It is a promise of value to be delivered. Take a look at the example below from Campaign Monitor for their drag and drop email builder:

campaign monitor screenshot

The value proposition above is clear and simple: 'Create stunning emails in minutes'. It tells readers what the product does (creates emails), the benefit they will get from it (stunning email campaigns) and the difference from competitors (emails can be created in minutes).

Why are value propositions important?

Value propositions are important because they are one of the first things readers see in your email marketing campaign. With so many emails arriving in everyone's inbox everyday, there's a lot of competition for attention. Therefore, it is essential that your campaign has a relevant, appealing value proposition to increase the chances of people reading the rest of your email and clicking the call to action button.

Three essential elements of a successful value proposition:

So, how can you create a value proposition that engages your readers and encourages them to read more and click-through on your call to action? Regardless of what your email campaign is about, there are 3 essential elements of a successful value proposition:

1. Clarity

Use the language your customers use and clearly explain what the product/service is and what it enables the user to do. Avoid using buzzwords and jargon. Make it very clear to the reader what the product can do for them.

2. Solve the customer's pain

Focus on the benefit a customer will get from using your product/service. This is more important to a potential customer than how advanced the product is or the brilliant technology behind it. Remember that a customer will buy your product or service if it solves a problem for them or offers them an attractive benefit.

3. Differentiation

The reality is that you will have competitors who offer similar products/services and compete for a similar customer base. Therefore, in order for potential customers to choose your product or service, you must highlight what differentiates it from the other options available from competitors and outline why you are the right choice for them. The differentiation could be as simple as offering free shipping, free set-up/installation or a money-back guarantee.

Some great examples:

Take a look at some more great examples below from Stripe, Shopify and Evernote. Note in each case how the value proposition, composed of a headline and sub-headline, is accompanied by a striking image and is followed by a clear call to action.




How we can help

A great value proposition clearly explains to your readers what your offer is and why they should care about it and take action. We have helped clients to craft value propositions for their email marketing campaigns to maximise results. For further advice on the importance of email marketing to your digital content strategy, contact us today.