Photography is an art form. It can show things that words can't. We have seen pictures of everything from war to sunsets. Recently I have come into the possession of a Zorki 6. A camera made in Moscow under communist Russia. The camera was high tech for its time. It had the capability to take photos in black and white and colour. A self timer was also added. The camera itself weighs 6 pounds. It comes in a well crafted leather case which shows its quality.

zorki camera

Compared to the cameras of today the Zorki 6 cannot compete with Nikon, Sony or Canon.

But in the eyes of a collector the Zorki 6 gives more than just a photo. It gives the history of a darker past. The black and white photos show emotion that these new high definition cameras cannot. That is the advantage of the Zorki 6 you cannot recreate its historic look or design. For a photography enthusiast, it's magic!