What is SSL Cert? 

Security Socket Layer (SSL) Certificate is the industry standard for encrypting information on the web. Essentially, it is a small computer file that digitally combines a cryptographic key with an organisation’s details. It  encrypts data on a website to ensure that it can be safely accessed without the risk of theft. Most importantly, it gives consumers an assurance that websites they visit are trustworthy and that the business you are visiting are who they say they are. Sensitive data (passwords, personal information and credit card numbers) is secure and can only be accessed by the intended source. 

With SSL certification, the transferred web data cannot be decrypted (even by hackers!) as it passes across computers in order for it to get to the destination server. 

Why are SSL certificates important?

Without this security method it would be impossible for companies to sell online. SSL Certs reassure and enable people who aren't so tech savvy to use the internet safely. It would make delivery methods such as SaaS obsolete. Companies like Amazon, Google, Apple and other global companies would cease to exist as they dependent on online trading.

Lots of websites request information and sensitive data from their users (personal details, passwords, email addresses). This information is valuable and should only be shared on secure sites. If you are using Chrome, websites must have an SSL Cert if handling any information at all, so customers will be clearly informed if these sites are not secure.

How do I know if the site I am using is secure?

Some websites may appear secure but unless you know what to look for you could be caught out. You can check to ensure the site you are on is secure in a number of ways. Two of the easiest and quickest include:

  1. Looking at the web address and if there is an “s” at the end of “http” it is secure.
  2. Alternatively you could use an online SSL checker to see if the website it certified.  

Once you use either of these methods you can consider a site safe to use. They have been audited by a third body and have a safe system in place to handle your information. However, if you are using Chrome you don’t have to worry about this as much because you will be warned if any sites you visit aren’t secure.

What can I do to ensure my own website is secure?

You need an SSL cert! They are relatively inexpensive to add to your site. A developer can typically apply a cert in a few hours. Given the sheer importance of operating safely online, it is a good investment for your site and business to ensure you have a safe site for you and your customers! 

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Louisa, CEO, MOR Digital

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