Content is so much more than a ‘filler’ element of any website app or experience. These days, rich, engaging content has a huge part to play in attracting and encouraging brand awareness and loyalty, as well as informing and entertaining. Creating content deliberately and thoughtfully, and giving forethought to the action you want the user to take with your content, creates targeted and powerful messages.

At MOR we excel at creating interesting and beautiful content, from video and animations through infographics and powerpoint presentations right through to SEO friendly and fluent written content. We will work with your staff and in-house experts to create and develop a bespoke content solution for your business, including planning and creation, to drive brand awareness, business growth and sales & service uptake.

So just what is rich content?

Content is any piece of information relating to your brand or company, which can be utilised in standalone presentations, websites and blogs, interactive exhibitions and more. It comes in many formats. What makes your content rich is when it is well researched, engaging, valuable, shareable and conversational.

  • Visual content - infographics, memes, charts, animations, games, powerpoint presentations
  • Educational and informative content - whitepapers, FAQ sections, How-to Guides, Explainer videos
  • Text content - blogs, headlines, SEO friendly website content, concise

Everyone has a story - every brand, company and personality. I love telling those stories in a creative and visual way, and also bringing out the unique personalities behind the stories.

Ciara Mac Cormac - Creative Content