Your visitors experience with your digital channels (website, social media feeds, app etc.) will determine whether they will engage with your business, purchase from you and/or return to engage with you again. The quality of their user experience and interaction with your business is becoming more and more critical to your online success.

At MOR, everything we do and build has UX (User Experience) at its core, creating captivating and seamless experiences on any digital platform. We ensure your customers will have the best experience possible, being enticed to engage ever deeper and more often. MOR will help you map out the customer journeys, and will develop engagements and interactions that play into their psychological needs and wants. We aim to make all our digital experiences smooth and intuitive to create real connections between brand and customer.

Interactive touchscreen

Many tourism and heritage experiences are now harnessing the power of digital, with audio visual, interactive and immersive experiences becoming an integral and defining feature of museums, and heritage sites everywhere. MOR have the capacity and experience to consult, upgrade and create unique and immersive tourism interactive experiences.

"Design is not just what it looks like and feels like. Design is how it works" - Steve Jobs


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We simplify the digital experience, smoothing out the annoyances, and easing the customer journey with relevant, modern experiences that work well and are a joy to use.

Rose Keane - User Experience Specialist

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