Complex made simple - web based survey suite for Irish CSR body

Business In The Community Ireland

An extendable, future proofed survey system which will serve BITC into the future. Faster and easier submissions on user focused, easy flow web based surveys, delivering essential business feedback and information

The Challenge

BITC are tasked with gathering data to ensure Irish business fulfils its social obligations. The main method is through online surveys, a potentially onerous task as the inputs required are quite vast. In 2015, the surveys had become quite dated and somewhat frustrating to administer and fill out.

It needed a fresh face. Something to not only improve the look and flow of the survey but to carry it into the digital medium. Changing something from a print format to a digital one can often prove to be challenging but BITC approached MOR with a brief that made this process much smoother giving us a clear idea of exactly what they required. Giving us the ability to execute with a clear vision. Some of the provisions included :

  • Upgrade the UI while staying on-brand 
  • Modernise and make the entire system mobile friendly 
  • Enhance the user experience, reduce frustrations and delays
  • Improve backend security to strengthen the system against bugs and data loss


The process involved a huge amount of analysis of both existing surveys, analytics, and user persona in order to ensure a sound design. A thorough understanding of exactly what was required was needed on this project in particular due to its niche nature. All pathways and destinations were fully sifted through and explored before moving into the design phase. Once the look and feel was approved, we moved into build, and built a solid framework from the ground up using our expert process. 

The end user is something that is always a core component of what we do, this is especially true of this project. The survey had to be creative , unique and modern enough to allow for smooth use considering its intended purpose. Pulling on the experience of our dedicated staff we crafted BITC their one of a kind survey. 

Our Solution

The UI was given a bright, modern makeover which was on-brand without being overwhelming or heavy. User experience and flows were streamlined, and micro-interactions improved to contribute to a more seamless experience. We recommended and installed Yii2 frameworks to power the surveys, which provided more functionality and extensions, while allowing for more customisation. Improvements and enhancements also added huge value and created a much more useful experience such as:

  • Additional Question Information
  • Multiple Active Survey Versions
  • Logging
  • Modify Account
  • Store Final Survey Answers in the Database
  • Highlight unanswered questions

About Business In The Community Ireland

BITC are the trusted advisers on Corporate Social Responsibility and Sustainability whose vision is to have all businesses in Ireland responsible and sustainable and whose mission is to harness the power of Irish business to maximise its positive impact on all its stakeholders and society.