Planning, branding and strategy as part of an EU funded project for EU manufacturing

Dooventure and Horizon 2020

The final result will be a comprehensive report along with findings, and a workable plan, including goals, targets and assets to further the mission of the Commission to revitalise EU manufacturing.

The Challenge

To explore and advise on the development of manufacturing and 3D printing within the EU, while collaborating with other members of the consortium. 


In early 2018, we were invited to take part in a remarkable EU led and funded project as part of a Europe-wide consortium set up to explore the full potential of manufacturing and 3d printing in the EU. Our business development and marketing expertise has been brought to great use within this project, mainly in developing a usable brand and sales assets, and contributing to the business planning and vision. 

The consortium meets twice a year in different venues in Europe. Our first meeting took place in our hometown of Drogheda, while subsequent meetings have taken place in Brussels and Prague. The final meeting will take place in 2019 with a view to producing the final findings.

About Dooventure and Horizon 2020

Dooventure is the corporate face of IBUS, a Horizon 2020 project set up to explore the full potential of manufacturing in the EU, in the face of massive global competition. IT was founded and funded by the European Commission, with the exploratory phase coming to an end later in 2019.