Relaunch and long term digital partnership with, a leading Irish energy provider

Flogas Ireland

MOR are Flogas' web partner of choice. With the relaunch, we achieved increased visibility for key areas in search results, and increased user experience. Ongoing management and co-ordination of content, updates, and management. Growth in online engagement and sales.

The Challenge

Flogas’ online presence had grown organically over the years in line with its own growth, but had become a little unwieldy, with 3 different sites covering Northern Ireland and Republic of Ireland business and home markets, and a separate Natural Gas site. Changing needs of the company and their customers and new target markets meant that the company had outgrown the old websites. The sites were naturally dated and needed to be mobile friendly. Some of the content was extremely old, with a lot of this content hidden away deep in the site. They needed a complete overhaul of their online presence, with particular attention paid to site responsiveness, architecture, content, design, and SEO, and unification of 3 sites. MOR, a long time digital provider for Flogas, were the perfect choice for this.


Keywords and content

  • Completed a full assessment of all sites to see how they performed with their target markets and with commonly used search terms.
  • Complete rewrite of top landing pages for improved search engine performance

Audience and User eXperience (UX)

  • Completed an assessment of traffic on the site, identifying user patterns, trends and frustrations.
  • Identified our target markets, fleshing out typical user profiles.
  • Using above information, we identified our top landing pages, and set out the architecture of the site, from a customer-friendly point of view


  • Established a style guide and moodboards, along with wireframes.
  • Full design with particular attention paid to roomy, enticing main landing pages

Built out the site in modx, with use of lexicons and geo location to allow for slight changes in content for different locations. Rich snippets added to enhance shop listings in searches

Our Solution

  • Bright, fresh design, with large airy visuals, allowing the content to ‘breathe’
  • Complete overhaul of all taxonomy and content. Rewritten SEO rich content for key landing pages, with keywords and top search terms featuring strongly
  • Simplified navigation and architecture, allowing all of the popular content to be found quickly and easily
  • A customer friendly site, ready for adaptation of new customer account section in the near future

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About Flogas Ireland

Flogas are a growing energy company, providing natural and LPG heating and cooking for thousands of homes and businesses all over Ireland. They provide both Natural (piped) gas central heating and LPG (tank) gas for domestic and business markets. The market share of natural gas domestic customers has increased dramatically in recent years.