Corporate storytelling - focused, animated digital presentation

McKesson Cork

We delivered a unique, highly polished and customised, focused multimedia piece which proved to be a huge boost to a very successful presentation, and a basis for future presentations.

The Challenge

MOR were the natural choice for a unique challenge to create a highly customised digital product to act as a visual aid to a spoken presentation. While focused around one event, this multimedia presentation needed to be adaptable and highly editable enough to be re-used in future iterations. An added complication was a tight turnaround time.


Our initial face to face meeting focused on the team. We got right in with McKesson, and go to know the business and team in depth. From this we collaborated on objectives, story, intended audience and tone of voice. We then developed a rough script and storyboard based around the flow of the story that McKesson wanted to tell. Wireframing was used to visually represent our initial ideas.

We then fleshed out these wireframes, using a combination of brand colours, illustration and simple animation to bring the presentation to life, with a fresh, creative take on their business and approach. Read throughs of our first draft led to some modifications, further editing and the final version.

Our Solution

The decision was made to use Powerpoint, a powerful presentation tool, which allowed for future adaptation and easy editing. This allowed us to combine illustration, animation, text, and video into a powerful multimedia presentation that was accessible and editable.

Simple colour pallette, illustration and animation was the key here, given the tight turnaround time. This also allowed for a more compact file and smoother running performance.


About McKesson Cork

McKesson Cork are the Irish branch of the global healthcare provider. Founded in 2001, McKesson Cork quickly expanded, and now provide an essential and highly supportive service to the global McKesson operation.