Redesign and refocus of digital presence for an innovative, global lead-generation website

Money Point

Following the launch of the Money Point website, we have continued to provide reliable and expert support enabling innovative business growth

The Challenge

The primary motivation for this project was to generate high value sales leads - expanding beyond the regions Money Point had previously dealt with. Money Point are a trusted cash counting equipment provider in Ireland and the UK, but wanted to expand their reach to grow and become a trusted global brand. However, differing regional restrictions and directives on selling this equipment internationally required a more targeted approach. 

The secondary motivation was to act as a sales support tool for the sales team, and as a reference tool and generator of inbound inquiries among the lower value sales leads. This would also present language challenges.


The main aim of our initial meetings was to solidify the main motivations or priorities for the website. We discussed with the Money Point team the best way to ‘sort’ this new international audience, with wider considerations for language, regional restrictions, audience personas, and tailored user experiences. We also explored ideas for the best format for the customer support element of the website. We came away from this initial exploration with a good idea of the challenges we faced, and some ideas on how we might work with Money Point to solve these.

The next step was to work out the audience personas and demographics, to give us an idea of the best approach to suit them, followed by a study of the ideal user journey throughout the entire digital experience.

We then produced wireframes and sitemaps - showing how the site might be laid out - and conducted initial user testing. We also made our knowlegable recommendations on the regional content/language and the customer support challenges.

At this stage, we were ready to go full colour, producing clear layouts, showing full branding, colours and chosen photography to fill out the wireframes and bring them to life. The physical site was then built out, followed by extensive user testing before launch.

Our Solution

The main objective - international lead generation and sales support was achieved by firstly splitting up delivery of the website into 6 main regions - Ireland and NI, UK, USA, Europe, Middle East, and Africa. Each region has its own unique home page with region specific data. Each region uses English as its main language, but non-generic or targeted content was translated. 

Our proposed content management system facilitated ease of administration of this complex setup and allowed for future expansion and addition of new regions. It also allowed additional modular content to be added to specific regions, without disrupting the other regions.

We introduced a subtle yet always present Sales Assist chat facility, to act as a support tool for customer support.

About Money Point

Money Point are the largest supplier of cash handling equipment in Ireland, providing and installing easy to operate solutions that minimise technical requirements and maximise productivity, security and profitability. Money Point serve over 3500 users in Ireland, the UK and beyond, across many industry sectors including finance, retail, hospitality, public sector and transport.