Design and development of a dynamic, multi-lingual lead generation website for Setanta Eurasia Sports

Setanta Eurasia

Seamless, innovative multilingual site with engaging and fresh insider content for customers, and adaptable and convenient CMS achieves increased subscriptions for Setanta Eurasia.

The Challenge

Setanta Eurasia came to MOR looking for an overhaul and upgrade of their existing website, which was not currently responsive. Their new site was to be focused around their exciting promotional sports videos and TV Scheduling. Intriguing insider sports content would be kept up to date with commentator blogs and new videos, allowing for fresh information to keep the users returning to the site.

The primary drive was to allow users to sign up to the Setanta Eurasia programming, so this needed to be the main conversion of the site, backed up by the accurate data, content, use of high resolution sports action imagery and subtle content centric animation.

With target markets spanning so many countries and bandwidths it was important that the new sites load times were extra fast, we always make sure our load times at their optimum but special consideration had to be given here in respect to the code and server configuration, amongst many other smaller integration details.

Having worked with Setanta Sports on various other projects over the last six years, we had intrinsic inhouse knowledge of their brand and target markets, that, coupled with our experience in multi-lingual and content managed websites meant we knew we could deliver the best solution for Setanta Eurasia's requirements.


  • User prototyping - research into the identified user personas.
  • User journey planning - upon identification of these we were able to build a bigger picture and identify the paths that would lead to solving the users needs.
  • Wireframing - we built out the skeleton of the website based on client provided content and the user journey plan.
  • UI design - branded user elements based on the detailed wireframes. Layout and typography with use of high impact sports photography.
  • Content Managed - Integration into a content management system, in this case our preferred platform MODx.

Our Solution

At MOR, we believe 100% in crafting web experiences that not only suit the user, but that align with your business goals. Our unique and inventive solutions for Setanta mean that their new site aligned with the direction of their future business.

  • Language translations – this needed to allow for administration of both Russian and English with the same content management system. We also provided the new solution for a lexicon based translations manager which enables administration to add the translations for specific content elements, rather than managing a spreadsheet externally.
  • Unique interchangeable content areas - the homepage sections will be interchangeable allowing for refocusing of key USP’s during various times of the year. 
  • We built a simple, seamless and accurate translation system, that amongst other things, leverages the existing translation spreadsheet for accuracy. 
  • We optimised the user experience, making the customer journey through the site as intuitive and seamless as possible.
  • We automated the current process wherever possible and removed as much overhead and human-dependency as possible.
  • We designed an inspiring campaign-specific landing page, to help increase effectiveness and conversion rates on specific promotions; such as putting a big push on Setanta Sports Play.

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About Setanta Eurasia

Setanta Sports is the Number 1 Sports Channel in Eurasia, broadcasting live and exclusive content into 13 countries for over four years, they provide a service that makes the best in sports programming and commentary accessible to these countries.