Innovative targeted digital and print campaign for T-Systems


The eye-catchingly wrapped London buses rolled out in June 2016. The campaign ran for 12 weeks and generated multiple leads for T-Systems.

The Challenge

T-Systems presented us with a unique challenge:

  • to reach out to a specific demographic, and to pair a very public London Bus ad campaign with with a lead generation microsite
  • to achieve all this with a very short turnaround time ready for the rollout of the London bus print campaign


We came into this project with an open mind to ensure an innovative and unique approach. Careful analysis of our target demographic both online and offline gave us the information needed and we kicked off the project with a 1 day brainstorming in T-Systems Headquarters in London. Out of that we presented concept designs to the client, followed by build, test, deploy to align with the bus campaign.

Our Solution

Our solution was to feature a unique IP address, which would be instantly recognisable to our target audience as an alternative url. The gigantic IP address appeared on all visuals, online and offline. This concept was designed to cut through all the noise, speaking only to our target audience. A coded message in full public view, but only understood by a select few. Natural curiosity would take those in the know to a website where they would find out more about digital transformation with T-Systems.

Striking imagery, with a pinch of anarchy and devil-may-care combined with the distinctive branding colours of T-Systems, made for a dramatic overall look for both bus and online.

We complimented this with a very targeted Google Adwords campaign, to cover those who may have missed the bus!

To top this all off, we constantly monitored the website, making considered adjustments to the site, based on user behaviour.

The engagement and dialogue with the MOR team was really positive and very seamless. They really took the time, effort and energy to understand our business and the challenges that we had. We were looking for something a little different, we weren’t looking for more of the same and I think that MOR really delivered for us.

Ed English - T-Systems

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About T-Systems

T-Systems is a global IT services and consulting company, and a subsidiary of Deutsche Telekom. With a global infrastructure of data centres and networks, T-Systems operates information and communication technology (ICT) systems for multinational corporations and public sector institutions. MOR's track record of unique and creative strategy thinking and design were the right choice for this project.