Business consultancy and MVP web app for an innovative new idea

The Beauty Buddy

Reliable, expert business advice and consultancy, and a stable, solid highly customised MVP web app which showcases the potential of this simple but ingenious concept, allowing our clients to take the product out to testers and investors, and grow to the next stage.

The Challenge

We love potential and new concepts. This truly unique project came to us as a brand new product idea, which needed input from the many different expertises and skillsets in MOR, from business advice and consultancy, branding, to UI and UX and front and backend development. As this project was a startup, our client needed advice and guidance in getting this product to an MVP or beta stage app, to begin viability testing, and to encourage investors.


Unlike other standard web projects, this project was wide open from the start, a challenge that we relish. We put a lot of care and thought into all our projects, but this part needed a lot of attention and focus. With a mind-boggling amount of potential requirements, features, and functions, we collaborated with the client to get a deep understanding of the product and then whittled this list down to a workable product specification. We then smartened up and defined the brand, from mission and vision statements, down to a print ready visual identity, guidelines and colour palette. Next, we turned our consideration to the user journey, mapping out all potential pathways, key landing screens, focusing on what the user needed and how to make that work for them. The design and UI followed, using the previously laid down brand guidelines. This progressive, innovative Web App was built using Ionic Framework (for frontend) and Yii2 PHP Framework (for backend).

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About The Beauty Buddy

The Beauty Buddy is a unique, innovative and engaging offering for the beauty product market, which has advantages for both user and brands.